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Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising, 2018 | IAB Europe

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In Europe, digital advertising is estimated at a €41.9 billion which continues to be driven by video and mobile. Indeed, digital video increased by 21.4% in 2016 to a market value of €3bn and now almost half of the digital video is generated programmatically (46.5%). Find more insights into the status of adoption and buy-side and sell-side perspectives on the development of digital video and trading methods in Europe.

Investment Levels in Digital Video Advertising

  • 67% of advertisers in Europe and 44% of media agencies claimed that they invest from 20% to 80% in digital video ads.
  • Digital video advertising investment has increased across all devices (Mobile, desktop, tablet and connected TV).
  • In-stream (e.g. pre-roll) video ad is the most used video ad type among agencies (91%) advertisers (88%) and publishers (85%) in Europe.

Objectives & Measurement of Digital Video Advertising

  • 32% of advertisers, 28% of agencies and 25% of publishers use the individuals’ interaction with content or ads (like, sharing, commenting or creating social buzz) as an indicator to evaluate digital video advertising campaigns.
  • Brand awareness is the most important objective for 73% of advertisers and 89% of agencies in Europe when using digital video ads.
  • News (67%) sports (54%), fashion (52%) and food/cooking (51%) are the most frequent types of digital video content/ads.
Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising, 2018 | IAB Europe 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Graphs Show the Digital Video Advertising Investment Via Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Devices in Europe


Data were driven from approximately 450 advertisers, agencies and publishers across 31 European markets. The online survey was conducted between October and December 2017.

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