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2016 Back-to-School Digital Insights in US | Rakuten Marketing

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Back to school season is accompanied by a flood of excellent back-to-school sales. Parents search for the apparel, accessories and school supplies for their kids and retailers compete to introduce themselves to the right products and best deals to inspire action.

These Key insights would help the USA marketers to maximize the results of their upcoming back-to-school campaigns:

US Retailers BTS Insights

  • In 2016, advertisers planned to invest more in mobile ads than desktop ads.
  • Almost half of the advertisers (48%) planned to position their BTS promotions based on either price or brand.
  • E-commerce retail sales for the BTS season are predicted to reach $65.42 billion, a 2.6% year-over-year increase.

US Parents/Consumers BTS Insights

  • 56% of parents in the US indicated that their BTS spending will remain flat or decline, while 54% of advertisers surveyed claimed that consumer spending will increase year over year.
  • Consumers planned to spend 43% of their overall BTS budget on apparel and 26% on books and supplies.
  • 59% of parents planned to use mobile devices to shop or browse for BTS items, while 85% will buy their school purchases in-store.
2016 Back-to-School Digital Insights Rakuten Marketing

Top 5 Consumer Influencers Factors

2016 Back-to-School Digital Insights Rakuten Marketing

Top 5 Consumer Influencers Factors


Data were driven from more than 400 US digital marketers and over 1,200 parents with children entering elementary, middle, high and post-secondary US schools in the fall of 2016. 67% of the respondents were females and 33% were males.

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