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Hispanic-Americans represent the fastest-growing demographic in the United States. Hispanic is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.
Marketing to Hispanic consumers is not just a matter of rebranding an existing product line with a Spanish name or translating existing product literature. To reach this market segment, companies must understand this consumer attitudes and behaviors to develop products that appeal to both Hispanics and to mainstream Americans or create advertising and marketing campaigns that can cross over.
Brands must make an authentic appeal to the unique behaviors and tastes of Hispanic Americans through distinct products, channels, messaging and marketing strategies.

The Key Findings of “Commercial Landscape of Hispanics in The USA, 2019” Report:

  • 49% of surveyed Hispanics purchased products online by using their smartphones.
  • 23% of Hispanics have used mobile payment service in the last month.
  • 31% of surveyed Hispanic internet users paid for a movie or TV streaming service.
  • 43% of Hispanic internet users have used an ad-blocker to stop ads from being displayed in the past month.
  • 58% of Hispanic internet users mentioned that they visited a brand’s website as an online brand interaction in the past month.
  • 47% of Hispanic internet users want their favorite brands to make them feel like valued customers.
  • High-quality products are ranked as the main brand advocacy motivation factor for Hispanic internet users with a rate of 48%.
  • Search engines are ranked as the main product research source for surveyed Hispanic internet users with a rate of 46%.
  • Free delivery is ranked as the main online purchasing driver by surveyed Hispanic internet users with a rate of 63%.
  • Social networks are ranked as the top brand discovery channels used by Hispanic internet users with a rate of 36%.
  • PayPal is ranked as the most used mobile payment by surveyed Hispanic internet users for an item using their phones with a rate of 14%.
Profiling Hispanics in The USA 2019

A Figure Shows The Hispanics in The USA Profile, 2019.

The Content of “Commercial Landscape of Hispanics in The USA, 2019” Report:

  • Key Insights.
  • Profiling Hispanics in the USA.
  • The State of Online Commerce.
  • Purchasing Habits by Category.
  • The Purchase Journey.
  • Notes on Methodology.
  • More from GlobalWebIndex.

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This report draws insights from GlobalWebIndex’s Hispanic Q1 2019 wave of research in the U.S.A., with a sample of 3,916 respondents.


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