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Consumer Survey: How COVID-19 Online Shopping Habits are Shaping the Customer Journey | Namogoo

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers to change their shopping habits rapidly, it has pushed people to either increase their online spending or try shopping online for the first time. Moreover, COVID-19 is affecting the online customer journey today and in the ways, consumers expect their shopping habits to change even after the crisis has passed.

In order to help retailers and eCommerce companies to adjust their customer journey to address these changes, this consumer survey report highlights some of the most notable findings.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Consumers’ Online Shopping

This consumer survey report shows that the COVID-19 outbreak has made eCommerce a far more central part of consumers’ shopping habits than it was before. According to the consumer survey amid COVID-19, 14% shopped online for the first time while 56% increased their online spending.

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  • Based on that chart, 23% say that COVID-19 had no effect on their online shopping.
  • Moreover, 6% say that they decreased/stopped their online shopping.
  • Not only that but the survey found out that, after the outbreak, 75% expect to maintain or increase their online shopping.
  • In addition to 24% who actually expect to increase their online shopping.

How Do Consumers Shop Online:

Based on the consumer survey amid the COVID-19 crisis, the majority of respondents said they shopped on websites more often than mobile apps. The chart below shows how consumers shop online;

Check the Ultimate Consumer Survey Amid COVID-19 | DMC

  • It is shown that only 4% don’t shop online.
  • The majority shop via websites on mobile devices with a percentage of 39%.
  • Along with 27% who shop online using apps on mobile devices.
  • In addition to 30% who shop on websites on PCs.

Here is a chart of the top five elements that consumers say has the most influence on their online purchases:

Check the Ultimate Consumer Survey Amid COVID-19 | DMC

  • The top element that influences online purchase is the price with a percentage of 51%.
  • According to the consumer survey, Fast and convenient delivery comes next with a percentage of 21%.
  • The product’s brand reputation comes in third place%.
  • The online store’s brand reputation comes in fourth place with a percentage of 8%.
  • Finally, the website’s user-friendliness with a percentage of 7%.

What’s in the “Consumer Survey: How COVID-19 Online Shopping Habits are Shaping the Customer Journey” Report:

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This survey was conducted by Namogoo in late April 2020, with responses coming from a diverse sample of 1,091 adults from throughout the United States.


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