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After four years of stable e-commerce penetration, it’s the first increase in the percentage of the online population making online purchases in Belgium (74% vs. 76% in 2018). Shoppers spend more and buy more frequently with 59% spent more than 100€. In 2018, Comeos and InSites Consulting have monitored the Belgian e-commerce landscape to better understand the state of e-commerce in Belgium. Read the main highlights of the study:

Belgium E-Commerce Experience & Current Online Shopping Behavior

  • Males are more likely than females to shop online (77% vs. 74%). Younger generations and Dutch also are likely than older generations and French to shop online.
  • Time-saving is the top driver for shopping online in Belgium with a rate of 44%, followed far by home delivery (37%) and low prices (36%).
  • Most of the online shoppers in Belgium prefer online payment via credit cards and bank cards.
  • 30% of shoppers in Belgium don’t buy online because they want to see/try products/services before buying.
Belgium E-Commerce & Online Shopping Statistics, 2018 - Comeos

A Figure Shows the Growth of E-commerce Penetration in Belgium (From 2011 to 2018)

Device Preference for Online Shopping in Belgium

  • 37% of shoppers in Belgium have purchased online using computer/laptop only, compared to only 12% who do so via smartphone/tablet, while 26% have used mixed devices.
  • Females and younger generations are more likely to shop online using mobile devices than males and older generations.
  • 45% of shoppers indicated that they don’t trust making purchases on mobile devices, while 35% claimed that they face some difficulties when paying online.

Top Online Purchased Categories in Belgium

  • Fashion ranked the top of most purchased categories online with a rate of 61%, followed by traveling & leisure time (58%), computer & electronics (45%) and health & beauty (40%).
  • In terms of the buying frequency more than 5 times, food is the top category with a rate of 40%, followed by animals (27%) and entertainment (27%).
Belgium E-Commerce & Online Shopping Statistics, 2018 - Comeos

A Figure Shows the Top Online Purchased Categories in Belgium in 2018


Data is based on a sample of 2014 consumers in Belgium aged 15-70 years old and have made an online purchase in the last 12 months that previous the survey. The survey was conducted online during 23rd March – 5th April 2018.


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Operated in 18 sectors and included small and large businesses, restaurant chains and catering companies, Comeos represents Belgian trade and services. Comeos's members sell to companies or directly to the consumer, both in stores and online.Comeos represents the interests of trade and services, stimulates the dynamics of the sector and helps to incorporate social responsibilities at the sector level. During the Comeos Congress and the Comeos Happening, the latest trends in e-commerce are launched periodically to help understand the consumer behavior in Belgium.

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