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Future of E-Commerce, Q1 2017 | Raconteur

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In the past, retailers asked ‘Will my customers visit us online?’ Today, the question is ‘How can I get customers to shop more online with me and not with my competition?’ the facts ensures that the social media is transforming shopping ways to harness the power of automation.

Here’s how to grow up your online business, with the help of e-commerce experts:

  • Knowing what your customer wants before you can deliver what they need must be the first defiance. There are also different kinds of personalization for different levels of interaction & this is the challenge, personalization is different for every retailer.
  • Retailers are being challenged to come up with new ways to retain customers and ensure brand loyalty online.
  • Retailers need to rethink the way in which they run their operations so they can focus more effectively on their customers.
  • Retailers need to act more quickly than ever these days.
  • Moving beyond ‘like’ to ‘buy’ is no easy task, we live in an era of “click and expect”.
  • Shoppers will always prefer a better experience that is easily accessible, which Facebook & Twitter can offer the platform to do this.
  • Finding exactly what you want, when you want, it has always been the issue, whether via organic search or on-site search.
  • Recently social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter were viewed as ideal channels for building brand awareness.
  • The very nature of social media, the ability to share, recommend and show products to friends and peers short-cuts the comparison shopping customer facilitating the purchase of products directly from that social media platform was the next natural step.
The Global Retail E-Commerce Sales, 2017.

A Figure Shows The Global Retail E-Commerce Sales, 2017.


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