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The Youth of the Nation: Global Trends Among Gen Z, 2019 | GlobalWebIndex

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The structure of markets has changed. In today’s markets, it is necessary to analyze the consumers’ profile in order to appeal to consumers or compete with other companies and survive against them. Today’s changing consumer structure reveals the differentiation of consumption habits as well. Generation Z, which is included in the young age profile of the consumer segment. This generation is also known as the mobile generation. They are interested in more technology than their predecessors’ generation X and Y, and they are actualizing their social lives more and more through smart devices such as mobile phone, tablets.

The Key Findings of The “Youth of the Nation: Global Trends Among Gen Z, 2019” Report:

  • 64% of surveyed generation Z reported that they are constantly connected online.
  • 57% of surveyed generation Z mentioned that they feel more insecure without their mobile phone more than their wallet.
  • 63% of surveyed generation Z in the USA describes their ethnicity as black/African-American.
  • 58% of surveyed generation Z reported that they would pay more for eco-friendly products.
  • 77% of generation Z said that it’s very important for them to be well informed about things.
  • 41% of surveyed generation Z mentioned that they can easily be swayed by other people opinions.
  • 61% of generation Z said that they are concerned about eroding their personal privacy through the internet.
  • 78% reported that smartphones are the most important devices for accessing the internet.
  • 95% of surveyed generation Z indicated that they visit or use social networks via their mobile devices.
  • 60% of generation Z said that they used a private browsing window as an online privacy action.
The Generation Z Devices Ownership and Usage, 2019.

A Figure Shows The Generation Z Devices Ownership, 2019.

The Content of The “Youth of the Nation: Global Trends Among Gen Z, 2019” Report:

  • Foreword.
  • Key Insights.
  • Who is Generation Z?
  • What Drives Gen Z?
  • Constantly Connected.
  • Rising Purchase Power.
  • Notes on Methodology.

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Data were driven by GlobalWebIndex’s Q1 2018-Q4 2018 waves of research across 45 countries, with a global sample of 474,573 respondents.


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