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Grocery Shopping With Gen Z: Insights on the Next Generation, 2019 | Field Agent

Consumer Behavior | USA

Gen Z is the individuals born from 1997 to 2012. They’re considered to be the “next generation” for online shopping in general and for grocery shopping in particular, with over eight in ten of Gen Z in the US shopping for groceries.

In this report, Field Agent dug deeper into the attitudes and behaviors of Gen Z grocery shoppers in the US from an angle with potentially enormous implications for thousands of brands and retailers to answer two main questions:

  • How does Gen Z shop for groceries?
  • How will Gen Z shop for groceries?

The report also reviews the grocery retailers and grocery-shopping methods that appeal most to Gen Z, the grocery brands that enjoy the loyalty of next-generation shoppers, and the shopping priorities matter most to Gen Z grocery shoppers.

Insights Show How does Gen Z shop for groceries? and How will Gen Z shop for groceries? - Top retailers for grocery shopping in the US 2019

A Figure Shows the Top Retailers for Grocery Shopping in the US in 2019

The Content of “Grocery Shopping With Gen Z in 2019” Report:

  • Meet our Gen Z sample
  • Does Gen Z shop for groceries yet?
  • What are Gen Z’s top grocery retailers?
  • Will Gen Z shop differently?
  • What are Gen Z’s preferred grocery-shopping methods?
  • What are Gen Z’s grocery-shopping priorities?
  • Is Gen Z willing to buy store brands?
  • What groceries does Gen Z skimp and splurge on?
  • What groceries does Gen Z consider “nutritious”?
  • Does Gen Z eat healthier?
  • How does Gen Z feel about cooking?
  • What grocery brands are tops with Gen Z?

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Data in this report was driven from a mobile survey of 775 Gen Zers, shoppers aged18-22-year-old, in the United States. The sample of the study was divided between males and females.

For comparison purposes, Field Agent also surveyed 1,303 40-60-year-olds who represent, roughly, the age of Gen Z’s parents.

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