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Holiday Research 2017 – USA | PayPal

Shopping Seasons | USA

No surprise that shoppers will make more purchases online than in-store during the holidays. The holidays are around the corner, which means that it’s time for marketers and retailers to rev up and fine-tune their marketing strategies for the busiest time of the year. So, if marketers target the American market, it’s easy now to find the main insights they need about the shopping behavior of the US consumers during holidays. Here are some trends and insights launched by PayPal:

The Critical Role of Mobile Devices During Holiday Shopping

  • 95% of Americans surveyed plan to shop for the holiday on their computer, while 80% plan to do so using their mobile devices.
  • They expect to spend 3 hours online, and 2.5 hours on their mobile device shopping.
  • 43% of American shoppers indicated that they prefer to shop on their mobile device, while 57% prefer to shop on their laptop or desktop.
  • Concerning the benefits of shopping on mobile devices, 67% reported that they like shopping on mobile devices because they can shop from anywhere.
  • In the other side, 71% of Millennials report no problems when shopping on their mobile device.

American Mindset Going Into Holiday Season

  • Nearly 4 out of 10 of American shoppers expect to do most of their shopping in online marketplaces or large traditional retailers.
  • 46% of Americans don’t stress over holiday shopping and spending, with 32% find holiday gift shopping to be a joyful experience.
  • American shoppers plan to spend the most on holiday purchases for their significant others ($226) and children ($220), and nearly equal amounts on their pets ($85) as their friends ($80).
Holiday Research 2017 - USA | PayPal 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Expected Spend on Holiday Gifts in the USA in 2018


Data were driven from 1,000 Americans aged 18-55 years old. 58% of respondents are males and 42% are females. The survey was conducted online from September 21 to 28, 2017.


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