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Holiday Shopping 2018: Nothing Beats a Bargain | BDO

Shopping Seasons | USA

Consumers around the whole world, not in the US only, are still most motivated by one key holiday shopping fundamental: A good deal. Based on this principle, BDO has conducted a survey on a sample of over 1000 American shoppers to investigate their purchasing behavior planned for the upcoming holiday season.

Key Takeaways of the Holiday Shopping in the US:

  • About 20% of consumers in the US shop online specifically to avoid paying sales taxes.
  • 46% of online shoppers in the US would change their shopping habits.
  • US consumers would be primarily shopping at discount retailers if they offer the lowest prices.
  • Price is the most important decision-maker across all categories, followed by the brand name and product reviews.
Holiday shopping destinations in the US during the Holiday Season

A Graph Shows the Shopping Destinations in the US During the Holiday Season

Content of “The BDO Holiday Shopping 2018” Report:

  • New Online Sales Taxes Could Upend Shoppers’ Hunt for Deals.
  • If You Can’t Compete on Price, Compete on Service.
  • Consumers Flock to Destinations That Deliver Their Version of Value.
  • Most Important Decision-maker Across Categories.

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Data is based on a sample of 1,004 U.S. adults age 18 and older. The survey was conducted in September 2018 using ORC International’s CARAVAN®.


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