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Consumers also find direct mail marketing valuable as long as the materials come from brands and/or categories they are interested in. The vast majority of purchase decisions are made or discussed at home. In fact, retail, auto, and financial purchases that require higher levels of consideration almost universally involve the home, according to a recent study from PebblePost.

The study investigated how paper direct mailings (catalogs, newsletters, postcards, promotional offers, etc.) impact shoppers’ brand considerations and purchase decisions as well as how purchase decisions involve the home and family members.

The Role of Home in Purchasing Decisions in 2019:

  • 91% of financial purchase decisions and 94% of automotive purchase decisions are made or discussed at home.
  • 89% of purchase decisions are pre-planned and discussed with others.
  • Spouses wield the greatest influence on purchase decisions, followed far by friends and parents.

The State of Direct Mails in Purchasing Decisions in 2019:

  • 76% of shoppers discuss relevant mail from a brand or retailer they’ve purchased from in the past.
  • 66% discuss emails from new brands/retailers they have not heard of but it’s a category of interest.
  • 61% of all direct mail recipients find it influential in making purchase decisions.
  • 75% of direct mail shoppers talked about the product after purchasing, while 22% liked or followed the brand or retailer on social media.
Home Is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing, 2019 | PebblePost 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Figure Shows Persons Who Involved in Purchasing Discussions

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Data was driven from a sample of 3,250 participants. The study was conducted on October 26 – November 9, 2018.


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