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How Millennials of Europe Will Shape Tomorrow’s Payments Landscape, 2016 | VocaLink & Ipsos

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All Millennials around the whole world are familiar with digital technology. In fact, They are the first digital natives and not surprisingly that they have quickly adopted the smartphone.

In a way to understand the choices, behaviors and concerns of Europe Millennials -mainly in the UK, Germany, Italy & The Netherlands-, read the below insights:

Mobile Brands Used by Millennials:

  • Samsung is the market leader in Germany, Italy and The Netherlands, with rates of 44%, 41% & 39% share respectively.
  • Apple’s iPhones ranked next with rates 28%, 33% & 35% respectively.
  • 46% of UK Millennials use an iPhone and just 30% use Samsung Models.

Devices Used by Millennials:

  • Only 9% of Italian millennial use of the wearable devices.
  • 68% of German Millennials use a laptop or PC and 41% use a tablet.
  • 71% of Italian, 68% of Dutch and 61% of British Millennials reported that they couldn’t live without their smartphone.

Millennials and Social Media:

  • Instagram ranks the next of most used channel in all 3 countries (Italy 29%, The Netherlands 19% & Germany 12%).
  • Snapchat comes in the third level in The Netherlands with 14% of Millennials using it at least daily.
  • Twitter is the third most popular social media channel in Italy (17%) & Germany (8%).
  • 58% of German Millennials use social media at least daily, rising to 68% in The Netherlands and 79% in Italy.
  • 60% of Italian Millennials agreed that social media is an essential method of communication, two-thirds of them (63%) are concerned about their information available on social media.
  • 50% of German Millennials consider social networking as essential. 48% are concerned about their information available on social media.

Millennials and Their Money:

  • 69% of Italian, 67% of Dutch and 56% of German Millennials find mobile banking easy to use.
  • 27% of  Netherlands Millennials use laptop or PC to deposit cheques, while 27% use their mobile phones; among German Millennials, the usage rates were 21% and 11% respectively, and in Italy, the usage rates were 11% and 6%.
  • 32% of Italian, 29% of Germans, 27% of Brits and 17% of Dutch Millennials are using PayPal to make international Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments.
  • 53% of Dutch Millennials were using public transport pay on card vs. that 18% who use cash.
  • 68% of the UK Millennials pay their utility bills to direct debit, with 17% are using bank transfer.
The Millennial Influence How Millennials of Europe Will Shape Tomorrow’s Payments Landscape, 2016 VocaLink & Ipsos MORI

A Graph Shows the Most Used Social Media platform in Germany, the Netherland and Italy in 2016


Data were driven from 4,033 Millennials aged 18-25 & 26-35 years, 50% were males & 50% were females (1,008 in Germany, 1,009 in the Netherlands, 1,014 in Italy and 1,002 in the UK).


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