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How People Use Their Devices: What Marketers Need to Know, 2016 | Think With Google

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Using mobile devices has changed the way people treat the world around them. A sample of 11,964 opt-in Google users in the US was surveyed to identify how people use devices to enable marketers to be useful for their customers choosing the moments that matter.

Device Usage in an Average Day

  • The smartphone is the most used device (80%), followed by computer then tablets.
  • 27% of users only use a smartphone on an average day, while only 14% of users use a computer.
  • People spend around 170 minutes using a smartphone, 120 minutes using a computer, and 75 minutes using a tablet.

What Users Do on Their Devices

  • 39% of users search only on their smartphones on their average day, followed by computers at a rate of 32%, then tablets with a rate of 28%.
  • Auto (+30%), apparel (+40%), and travel (+25%) are the top items people search for on their devices.
  • 42% of users who watch YouTube do so on their smartphones with more than 40 minutes for the average YouTube mobile viewing session.
  • 94% of internet users browse the web on an average day. 71% of them browse on a smartphone, and also an equal rate (71%) browse on a computer.
 The Search Volume by Device During an Average Day.

A Figure Shows The Search Volume by Device During an Average Day.

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