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Infographic: Fast Food Eaters, Q1 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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GrubHub, Otlob, Campusfood, Delivery, OrderLunch are all online food ordering websites which become apps later, the technology had put its magical touch at every field, encouraged by the continuous update for the smartphones.

Check the below insights from Burger King, KFC, Subway & McDonald’s eaters:

  • 28% of internet users are regular fast food eaters.
  • 27% are more likely to use mobile apps to research brands, (products or services 28% do).
  • 44% were more likely to interact with a brand on an app, while only 11% interacted during the last month.
  • 38% were more likely to download/use a branded app and 19% have used that in the last month.
  • 14% want their favorite brands to offer a range of useful apps & online services.
  • 24% are more likely to follow brands they thinking of buying something from on social media (30% do).
  • 28% were more likely to opt-in for personalized loyalty rewards from brands (62% do).
  • 92% of regular fast food eaters have used/visited the YouTube platform in the last month, 90% for Facebook, 63% for Instagram.
Infographic : Fast Food Eaters | globalwebindex

A Chart Shows the Regular Fast Food Eaters’ Behavior Among Restaurant Brands Apps in 2017


Data were driven from 19,950 of regular fast food eaters from Burger King, KFC, Subway & McDonald’s online adults aged 16-64 years in 36 countries (Global).


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