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While students are mobile-first, spending much more time online on mobile phones, young professionals are not far behind, spending only 30 minutes less browsing via their phones. In this Infographic, GlobalWebIndex made a comparison between these two segments to profile students vs. young professionals.

Here is a glimpse at the top line findings:

Social Media Use Among Students and Young Professionals

  • Both student and young professionals are using social media to fill spare time (51% vs. 40%, respectively). This is followed by the reason of entertaining content and research products to buy.
  • Students are more likely to follow actors (48%) and singer (47%) accounts, while younger professionals are more likely to follow their favorite brands (43%) on social media.

E-Commerce Behaviors Among Students and Young Professionals

  • Young professionals are mobile-driven for online commerce, 67% of them have purchased a product online via phones, compared to 57% of students.
  • Young professionals are more likely to use mobile devices than students to visit online retail sites and search for a product to buy.
  • In terms of buying entertainment content, 31% of young professional and 26% of students have paid for downloading music.
  • Search engines (35%), TV ads (33%) and online ads (28%) are the top three sources for young professionals to discover brands, while students rely on online ads (37%), search engines (36%) and TV ads (35%).

A Figure Shows the Monthly E-Commerce Behaviors Among Students and Yong Professionals – 2018


Data is based on 12,295 Students and 25,278 Young Professionals, defined as 16-34-year-old internet users in full-time work, across 44 countries. The study conducted during the second quarter of 2018.


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