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MENA Digitized, Q4 2016 | Ipsos

Consumer Behavior | MENA

The shift in consumer behavior in MENA is attributed to the rise in smart devices throughout the region. As the smartphone has created the largest impact with 84% penetration across MENA’s mobile subscribers, with approximately 50% now owning high-end smartphones, and 1 in 3 devices being 4G enabled.

There is accelerated growth in internet usage in the region. It reached 73% in 2015, compared to 44% in 2010. There is also a rise of tablet ownership in the region in recent years. It has grown from 1% in 2010 to 19% in 2015.

GCC consumers are 6 times more likely to own a laptop at home, 5 times to own a tablet and twice to own a smartphone than those in North Africa. The Smartphone penetration in the MENA region is 91%, high-end device penetration is 54%, and 4G device penetration is 45%.

90% of internet users in MENA are on social media, half of those aged 45 and older using the internet, 80% of them are on social media.

23% of internet users in MENA have used e-commerce, 82% of them age 15:24 years, and 47% of social media users follow a brand.


A Figure Shows Smartphone Insights in MENA, 2016.


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