MENA Recruiting Trends in 2016 | LinkedIn


MENA Recruiting Trends in 2016 | LinkedIn


Social and professional networks and employee referral programs are expected to get stronger in 2016 and beyond, as 41% of hiring managers are utilizing Social professional networks.

Here are MENA recruiting trends in 2016:

  • The most valuable performance metrics for hiring managers surveyed in 2015 are the quality of hire through feedback or through new hire performance evaluation with rate 49%, followed by turnover or retention statistics with rate 33%.
  • MENA talent leaders are convinced that they are measuring the quality of hire effectively, with rate 43% compared to the global average (33%).
  • Social professional networks are an essential tool that allows recruiters to build and maintain relationships with passive talent with rate 59%, followed by internet job boards with rate 39%.
  • 28% of hiring managers said employee retention is the top priority for recruiters, while 48% of organizations are only recruiting internally to some extent because they concerned about retention will prioritize internal recruiting.

MENA Recruiting Trends 2016_Linkedin

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