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Millennial Shopping Report, 2019 | CouponFollow

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Millennials are an essential ingredient in the development of e-commerce. Having grown up socializing and shopping online, the use of this e-commerce generation will continue to grow along with their discretionary income.

Although millennials do not like pop-up publicity, the graphics are very effective at capturing their attention and will repeatedly visit a website that has competitive pricing and good shipping rates.

This generation group is more active in integrating technologies into their daily lives for marketing purposes, using their mobile devices and the traditional Internet means to connect to retailers or brands. Their purchasing power and technological capacity have been crucial for minor online retailers who have benefited from this important segment of consumers.

The Key Findings of The “Millennial Shopping, 2019” Report:

  • 39% of surveyed millennials are interested in the online shopping entire method.
  • 79% of millennials browse the internet before making either an online or offline purchasing decision.
  • 31% of surveyed millennials in the USA are using their mobile phone when they decide to purchase a product online.
  • Amazon is the dominant retailer for millennial shoppers in the USA, with a rate of 97%.
  • Reviews are ranked as the top purchasing driver from Amazon by surveyed millennials with a rate of 43%.
  • 45% of surveyed millennials are using the voice assistant when they shop online (eg. searching for products and product reviews).
  • Google’s assistant is the preferred voice assistant for shopping-related activities amongst millennials with a rate of 24%.
  • 90% of USA millennials are familiar with cryptocurrencies.
  • 24% of millennials aged 26 or younger use cryptocurrency compared to 16% of millennials aged 32 or older.
  • 65% of millennials search the Internet for coupons when purchasing via a computer compared to 62% when they purchase via smartphone or tablet.
  • 54% of surveyed millennials are following brands on social media to get early access to the best deals and discounts.
Digital purchasing methods, 2019

                                   A Graph Shows The USA Millennials Online Shopping Behavior, 2019.

The Content of The”Millennial Shopping, 2019” Report:

  • Key Takeaways.
  • Platform Preferences: Online Versus Offline Shopping.
  • Consumer Behavior: Where, Why, and How Millennials Buy.
  • Spending and Saving: How Millennials are Rethinking Couponing.
  • About CouponFollow.

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Data were driven from 1,002 Millennials between the ages of 22-37 from all over the United States. Representing a broad economic scope, with an annual household income ranging from 0- $200,000+, participation was almost evenly split amongst Millennials who identify as male or female (53% and 47%, respectively). The data was collected in January of 2019.


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