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Moms are making purchasing decisions for herself and the entire household, they are very active on social media, using multiple sites. So it’s very important to study Mom’s behavior on media:

  • 2/3 of Moms are age 35 or older, 37% of them are between 35-44, and 30% of them are aged 45 and older.
  • The majority of Moms are employed, and the highest percentage of them (48%) are employed in full-time jobs.
  • 91% of moms own a mobile phone, which equivalent nine in ten moms. 79% owns a smartphone.
  • 64% of moms own a tablet, up from 47% in 2014.
  • A high rate of moms listened to online radio with an average of 12 hours and 19 minutes spent weekly with online radio.
  • 93% of moms have internet access from any location, but the average time spent on the internet has decreased in 2016 to reach 2:58 minutes, after 3:07 in 2015.
  • 78% of social media moms use Facebook more than any other platform, and 30% of them use Facebook to follow political news or candidates.
Moms and Media 2016 Edison Research

Figure Shows The Percentage of Moms Who Uses Instagram & Pinterest.

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