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The State of E-Commerce Report: The Changing Face of Retail in Australia, 2017 | Neto

| Australia

Both retailers and consumer behaviour have affected by new technology innovations such as artificial intelligence, voice recognition, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT). This made e-commerce and online shopping in Australia a highly tracked place full of analytics, statistics, behaviors and trends.

In this context, a new survey conducted on both Australian online consumers and retailers by Neto came to show insights into Australian consumers’ experiences and how retailers are performing, which industries are growing and which are struggling.

Australian Online Consumers’ Shopping Experience – Key Findings

  • Over a quarter of shoppers purchase online one or more times per week, while 28.9% purchase 2-3 times per month and 16% purchase once a month.
  • Males are more likely than females to purchase online frequently (27% vs. 23%).
  • 70% of Australian online shoppers purchase for ourselves and 50% purchase for ourselves and their parents.
  • Ease and convenience are the key reasons for shopping online in Australia at a rate of 82%.
  • Price (16%), free delivery (14%) and discounts & offers (13%) are the key drivers of purchasing decisions in Australia.
  • The vast majority of Australian consumers (84%) prefer to receive their goods at home.
  • Online marketplaces are the most preferred channels that Australian consumers use to buy online.
  • PayPal is the most popular payment method in Australia with a rate of 73.1%, followed by credit cards (22.3%).
  • Gifting category had the highest average monthly sales (66K) and the highest growth in sales (59%). This is followed by the health & beauty category with an average monthly sales 63K.
The State of E-Commerce Report: The Changing Face of Retail in Australia, 2017 | Neto 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Figure Shows the Most Used Payment Methods in Australia by Industry – 2017


Data were driven from 1,001 Australian online shoppers and 1,000 retailers across a wide range of industries in Australia.


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