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Infographic: State of Email Marketing 2017 | Smart Insights, GetResponse & JBH

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Email Marketing is one of the most effective techniques for digital marketers, so keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry is super important.

  • 57.9% of marketers planned to increase their email marketing budget in 2017.
  • 53.6% rated the effectiveness of email marketing as good or excellent.
  • Generating leads (23%), improving sales (19%) & improving conversion rates (17%) are the top email benefits.
  • 50.4% don’t do any targeting when sending their campaigns.
  • 51% don’t proactively test their emails.
  • Only 15.2% of marketers can track how email influences other marketing channels.
  • Top challenges in the email marketing automation are budget 36.1%, data quality 35.3% & knowledge 35.2%.

Infographic: State of Email Marketing 2017 | Smart Insights, GetResponse & JBH 1 | Digital Marketing Community


Data were driven from a sample of 2,510 marketers, across 19 industries and from 126 countries.

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