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Twitter Trends in UK, July 2017 | Sotrender

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Twitter UK has 13 million active users, a number that’s still growing. This might demonstrate the power of Twitter, but the real and greatest power is held by Twitter’s influential profiles.

Every month, Sotrender analyze 20+ industries to show who really rocks on Twitter in the UK. It’s time to see who took the lead on Twitter in the UK in July 2017:

  • Musicians and music industry profiles grabbed the highest number of followers estimated with almost 14K for Musicians profiles and over 12K for music industry profiles.
  • As for all profiles, “BBC’s Breaking News” grew by 1% which means that their profile followers increased by over 33 million, followed by “One Direction” with almost 32 million followers.
  • Brands: “One Direction” owned the top of followers and “Chelsea FC” had the highest number of activities per tweet (3226).
  • Finance: “Bank of England” and “Barclays UK” held the highest number of followers with a 1% growth rate.
  • Retail & E-commerce: “” was the only retail Twitter profile to exceed the 1 million followers threshold.
  • Alcohols & Beer: The “Wild Beer Co” topped all the Twitter profiles in the number of followers (27822) and mentions (1371).
  • Automotive & Cars: “Audi UK” ranked the top of all profiles in the number of followers with a total of 190715 followers.
  • Politics: “Labour Party” still dominates politics profiles with over 507K followers, followed by their main competition “The Conservatives” with over 282K followers.

Twitter Trends in UK, July 2017 Sotrender


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