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Understanding Users Behavior in Social Networking in Saudi Arabia: A Survey, May 2017 | IJARCSSE


Social networking has become one of the most frequently used websites among overall kinds in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the widespread of the smartphone. And across all Middle East nations, Saudi Arabia has the highest number of mobile users on social media.

Read the below and find out more about the top-line findings of the behavior of social networking users in Saudi Arabia in 2017:

  • Almost all the respondents use smartphones to access social media (99%) and only 1% use laptops.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular social network at a rate of 76%, followed by YouTube with 21.5%.
  • Most of the respondents are using social networks for entertainment with a rate of 36%, while 30% use it for knowledge and news and 26% use it for education purposes.
  • In terms of the time spent on social networks, 27% of the respondents use social networking for less than 3 hours a day and 13% use it more than 3 hours.
  • 76% have no problem in introducing their real personal information in social networks, compared to 66% think social network breaks privacy.

Understanding Users Behavior in Social Networking in Saudi Arabia A Survey, May 2017-IJARCSSE


Data were driven from 2460 of internet users in Saudi Arabia. 66% of respondents were females and 34% male. 63% were students and 13% were employees. 11% were school students and 13% were unemployed.


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