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UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper: Canada Study, March 2018 | UPS

| Canada

Online shoppers in Canada are purchasing from international retailers and are using marketplaces. They’re more likely to be store friendly as they continue to find value in shopping at physical stores. Be in the know of the latest insights into the online shoppers’ behaviors and preferences in Canada:

An Overview of Online Shopping in Canada

  • 77% of online shoppers in Canada are satisfied with their shopping experiences, most of them (79%) have purchased using a desktop or laptop.
  • 60% of online shoppers in Canada shop across a single-channel, with 37% of them search online and buy online.
  • In contrast, 40% shop across multiple channels. Most of them search online and buy in-store.
  • 96% of online shoppers in Canada said they purchased from a marketplace.
  • Finding the better pieces is the top reason for purchasing at a marketplace instead of a retailer with a rate of 61%.

Cross-Border Shopping in Canada

  • 83% of shoppers in Canada have made an online purchase from an international retailer.
  • The unavailability of preferred brands or products in Canada (52%) is the main reason for shopping with an international retailer, followed by the desire to find lower prices (48%).

The Use of Smartphones by Online Shoppers in Canada

  • 41% of Canadian online shoppers make purchases on smartphones.
  • 73% of them use such devices to read products’ details, and 71% of them use it to compare prices or look up product reviews.
UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper: Canada Study, March 2018 | UPS 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Satisfaction With Shopping Experiences in Canada (Online Vs. In-Store) – 2018


Data were driven from roughly 1,100 online shoppers from Canada.

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