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5 Things You’re Forgetting to Leverage in Your Marketing

Digital Marketing | Feb 21, 2020

There are so many different elements you need to keep tabs on when you’re running a digital marketing campaign. You’re probably focused heavily on implementing great SEO or writing creative copy for your social media pages, or crunching market data.

But don’t forget to leverage these 5 important aspects to expand your brand visibility and get more conversions.

How to Increase Brand Visibility & Get More Conversions | DMC

5 Keys to Increase Brand Visibility & Get More Conversions

1. Reviews

Customers love posting reviews of a company’s product or service on business review websites. Most of the time, people post reviews on these websites when they’re either very satisfied with the product or very disappointed.

If your company has lots of good reviews online, then you should utilize them in your digital marketing. You can include links to those review websites or you can include your company’s Yelp/TripAdvisor/Glassdoor rating on your marketing copy and graphics.

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There are two main benefits to hyping up your positive reviews. First, you’ll be able to establish your company’s credibility. Second, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate. You might want to avoid mentioning your online reviews if your company is currently receiving negative or mixed reviews (although you should take those into account and use them as motivation to improve your company).

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2. Your Company’s Credibility

One of the most difficult challenges for startup companies is to establish the credibility of the company, and it should be the goal of any startup marketing campaign to build up the company’s ethos. As mentioned above, it can be helpful to leverage online reviews, but that might not be an option if your company doesn’t have lots of reviews.

But there are other ways you can boost your company’s credibility. Your marketing campaign should highlight whatever your business does that makes your product or service superior.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re promoting a restaurant business that uses paper straws instead of plastic straws. If the company uses any kind of inventory tracking app, you could come up with a rough estimate of how many plastic straws they’ve eliminated from waste, and you could focus your campaign on being about the company’s sustainability.

If you’re promoting a company that does delivery or contracting work, you could emphasize that the company uses fleet tracking software to ensure safety and reliability.

There’s another great way to establish your company’s credibility while also promoting your brand;

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3. Influencers

Social media influencers can expose your brand visibility to a very large number of people. But you can’t choose just any Instagram influencer to promote your product. You should enlist an influencer who’s popular with your target demographic.

On a similar note, you could also have testimonials on the company website from customers who’ve given glowing reviews of the product.

4. Emotion

importance of emotions in marketing

Google made headlines when it aired a tear-jerking ad during Super Bowl 54. The ad centered on a man using Google technology to remember the qualities of his late wife. The ad basically drives home the idea that Google’s product is not only helpful but can play an important role in a person’s emotional well-being and pursuit of happiness. The ad says “our product is more than a product.”

Your marketing campaign doesn’t have to go full-on tear-jerker. But you should definitely think hard about the emotional value that your company can provide to customers.

Most products or services can be tied into an “ideal lifestyle” that the customer wants to lead. Figure out what that is, and use a little bit of visual and prose storytelling to drive it home. You may want to take a storytelling class to brush up on your techniques and increase brand visibility.

5. Deadlines

Something that digital marketers often forget to include are “deadlines.” One of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rates is to make customers feel that they only have a limited amount of time to buy your product. Deadlines are most often used to promote holiday sales, but you can and should use them in your other digital marketing campaigns throughout the year.

It’s a good idea to tie-in your marketing campaigns with the seasons or holidays because each season/holiday comes with its own unique sentiments that you can link your product to (“holiday” can also mean special events, like the Super Bowl or World Cup). Your deadline would suggest that the customer needs to buy your product before the season/holiday ends.

Be sure to remember these techniques when you’re planning your next digital marketing campaign!


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