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What Makes Video Ads Effective for Digital Marketing?

Video Marketing | Jun 22, 2023

Video content is a valuable tool for digital marketers when promoting businesses, products, and services. It is a core part of many business marketing strategies because it effectively conveys brand messages to a large audience. This is why business owners hire video production companies or a videographer to capture videos that make their products or services appeal to customers.

Video ads sometimes have a better chance of convincing potential customers than pictures. This is because it gives a visual representation of how a product looks or how a service works, which is invaluable to small businesses. Small businesses do not have the budget to advertise endlessly on mainstream media, so they have to create professional video content on social media to compete.

Why Video Ads Attract Customers

Video advertisements have an average conversion rate of 4.8%, second only to organic leads. This means it performs better than popular marketing channels like search ads, display ads, and paid advertising. Here are some reasons why it performs so well:

Potential for high engagement

Customers are more attracted to motion pictures than static images because they hold their attention for longer. Videos can be immersive and exciting to watch, making viewers more likely to engage them. It helps if the video has a captivating blend of audio, visual content, and motions because that combination increases watch time.

Watching video ads from the same brand over time will make people recognize it and remember the message being passed across.

Increased emotional connection

If a video ad solves a common problem, people might find it relatable and be inspired to take the desired action. Businesses use relatability, storytelling, and top-notch editing to make their videos appeal to their potential customer’s emotions.

Emotional connections affect consumer behavior, and digital marketers leverage that to generate leads. Videos that can generate positive emotions will increase sales and brand loyalty. 

Wider reach and improved targeting options

Social media and digital platforms have increased the reach of video ads. Billions of people from different demographics use these platforms every day. When digital marketers advertise on social media, they can choose the specific demographic to view their content.

Some of the criteria for demographic targeting are consumer interest, age, gender, and location. Targeting a particular demographic with a video ad increases the conversion rate and gives the advertiser a high return on investment. 

Mobile Accessibility

Smartphones have changed the way people consume content. These devices have large screens and can handle high internet speeds, making them ideal for video consumption.

Digital marketers optimize video ads for smartphones so their target audience can watch them from any location. This mobile accessibility allows brands to reach their potential customers with advertisements they can watch even when out and about.

Measurable advertisement results

Digital marketers can track video advertising results to gauge their effectiveness. Some crucial metrics are views, conversions, engagements, and click-through rates. Analysis of these metrics helps marketers make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaign performance.

The insights gained will guide them on the improvements to make and enable them to capture their target audience better with subsequent videos.

Room for creativity

Brands enjoy creative freedom when creating videos and can experiment with different formats to find what best suits their audience. The goal of a video ad is to convey a message, which can be done in various ways while maintaining brand identity. Digital marketers can produce different-length videos to suit different platforms.

For example, videos posted to Tiktok can be short, while those on YouTube can be several minutes long. 

What Makes Video Ads Effective for Digital Marketing? | DMC

Potential for virality

Videos can go viral and gain millions of views if they are engaging, funny, relatable, or have the theme of a social media trend. Brands can work with videographers or a video production company to create content with the potential to go viral. Viral videos usually reach audiences beyond the target demographic because people are likely to share them with their peers.

This can result in a sharp rise in sales, increased brand recognition, more social media followers, organic engagement, and a more extensive customer base. 

The basis for influencer marketing

Businesses can also partner with influencers to create videos to be spread on their social media accounts for increased brand awareness. Most influencers are video content creators with an established following in a specific niche. Collaborating with influencers exposes brands to their audience and can increase sales.

People tend to trust the judgment of the influencers they follow, and brands leverage that trust by paying influencers to make videos encouraging their followers to buy their products.

Improved search engine optimization

Websites with relevant video content rank higher on search engine result pages than those without. Digital marketers add videos to business landing pages to increase visibility and drive organic traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for digital marketing, and video content is essential to that process.

However, every video should have relevant keywords in its title, description, and tags. This helps search engines index and display the video when internet users search for those keywords.

How to Create Marketing Videos

Creating compelling marketing videos can be challenging for most business owners. It requires creativity, thorough planning, and the proper set of tools. Many business owners lack the creativity, time, or expertise to create video ads, so they outsource it to videographers or a video production company like Keyy Productions.

However, those that wish to make their videos can follow the steps below:

  1. Have a defined goal and target demographic
  2. Create a script or storyline
  3. Choose a video format suitable for the target audience
  4. Get the needed equipment to make a video
  5. Shoot the video with the created script and add a call to action
  6. Edit and optimize the length of the video to suit the platforms they will be posted on
  7. Post the video and monitor its performance over time

What Makes Video Ads Effective for Digital Marketing? | DMC


Video ads are effective in capturing people’s attention and increasing brand awareness. Businesses leverage their effectiveness to expand their customer base and boost their sales. Making top-notch video content that appeals to many people can be difficult, but working with a videographer or a video production company can simplify the process.  


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