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How to Create Instagram Reels That Will Go Viral?

Video Marketing | Mar 26, 2023

Reels have been available on Instagram for a few years now, but the competition has made it more difficult to make videos stand out. But don’t let that discourage you from trying Instagram reels! Using them lets you expand your account quickly, but new and intriguing content is a must.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful advice on how to make short videos that will gain a lot of traction on this network.

Focus On A Certain Niche Or Topic

Finding a subject or category and frequently posting about it are two methods to grow your Instagram following and go viral. Because of the machine learning used in Instagram’s algorithm, people who are already interested in the subject of your posts will see them. Picking a subject or niche and sticking with it are crucial because of this.

Add A Catchy Hook

There are currently thousands of Reels produced every day, so content needs to be extremely interesting to go viral. Add a distinctive personal touch to make your work stand out if you want to be noticed. Make them stand out from the start of the video because those first few seconds are crucial for grabbing the audience’s attention.

Follow The Most Recent Trends

The challenges, trends, or components that go viral are followed by users when they upload their videos. Creating content based on current trends and problems will help you take advantage of this. It will increase the number of views and interactions on your reels. To find out what’s popular online, visit the Explore page or utilize Google Trends.

Maintaining Consistency

Any social media site can be successful if users are consistent. It is true for Instagram Reels as well. You must consistently increase your following and the number of video views. It entails continually promoting them and posting new Clips. As you become more adept at making Reels, you can then gradually raise the frequency.

How can you make Instagram Reels that go viral?

Size Them Appropriately

The intended platform for viewing Instagram Reels is a mobile device. It means that for them to display effectively on a small screen, you must create them in a vertical style and at the proper size. Instagram Reels should have an aspect ratio of 16:09. A resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels is excellent. And 15 to 30 seconds is the optimum time frame. You can refer to Savein to get a good idea of the best aspect ratios.

Use Popular Music

Search for current and well-liked songs to add to your Instagram Reel. Choose music that is currently hot and has the potential to go viral online. If you can’t find one like that, just choose a song that relates to your topic. You may stay current with trends by including music in your Reels, increasing your discoverability on the network.

Promote Your Content With Hashtags

Every Instagram post needs a hashtag, which is a critical element. It is so that users who could be interested in your video can be shown it by Instagram’s algorithm, which aids in understanding. Care must be used when selecting hashtags. The most popular ones are frequently not the best due to increased competition.

Do Not Violate The Community Rules

This one should be obvious. You have a better chance of going viral if you don’t break the community’s rules with your posts, Reels, and stories. Otherwise, you risk receiving a ban that might be either temporary or permanent. Why take a chance to cause trouble? You should constantly be aware of the Community Rules as an Instagram creator.

How can you make Instagram Reels that go viral?

Put In Closed Captions

Remember that many Instagram users watch videos silently, so if you post a video without music, include subtitles or text to make it more apparent. Instead of being limited to hashtag searches or caption searches for pictures, users may search for terms that appear in video captions. The searchability of reels contributes to their viral growth.

Intended Peak Hours Of Viewing

Tracking your audience’s behavior is essential if you’ve been making Instagram video Reels to figure out the optimal times of day to post new content. Reels can become viral if you post them when your audience is most engaged on Instagram, assuming your content is unique, engaging, and entertaining.

Put a call to action in there

To encourage viewers to engage with your videos, there should always be a call to action. The greatest method to understand your audience’s perceptions and opinions is to do this. Afterward, you can produce content based on their choices. It does not mean abandoning your concept or idea but thinking about how you communicate it.

The Bottom Line

It may not seem easy to make your Instagram Post become viral. Yet it is undoubtedly doable with the right approaches. When the Reels ultimately garner more attention, you’ll increase your following and sharpen people’s memories. Just keep in mind to concentrate on producing useful content for your target audience.

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