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Email Marketing Best Practices to Turn Campaigns Into Sales

Email Marketing | Dec 28, 2022

In this article, we want to talk about email marketing and ways to improve your performance with the help of the best practices that will turn campaigns into sales. Your first step is to create an email database. We already know that before sending a letter to the user, they must agree and additionally confirm their consent. Therefore, we need a reliable email marketing platform that provides email lists, such as

After you get to know how to build email lists, you’ll need email templates and a few tips to make your email campaign more successful. Let’s move on to practice and imagine different types of businesses, and different variants of letter chains. Using these examples, you will be able to understand how this can work in your case.

Email Marketing Best Practices to Gain Sales in 2023 | DMC

Email Marketing Best Practices:


Practice 1

You create a free product, after studying which the client can immediately solve one of their micro-problems which in turn is part of a big problem. For example, “How to pump up the press?” out of a big problem “How to pump up the body?” After they have received this material, you send them a series of video lessons explaining how to do the right exercises. And at the end, you present your product “Dream Figure” for a certain amount of money.

Thus, you need to highlight those problems that your product helps to solve and provide the user with some free material or bonus in the letter. After trying the free content, the client may come back to you for paid content.

Practice 2

The client used your service, and you took their contact and sent a useful letter about taking care of what they received. Then, after some time, write to them with a request to recommend you, simply by forwarding this letter to one of their friends, for which they will receive a valuable prize. This email marketing technique will allow you to increase the number of people in your email database.


Practice 1

A customer buys a product from you, you take their contacts, and the next day you send them a letter on the subject: “Thank you for becoming our customer! And in honor of this, for 7 days you will receive a daily offer with a discount on the interested group of products.” And within 7 days you send these letters. At the same time, in each letter, pay attention that the offer is only for this client. And if someone else comes to the store as an outsider, they will not see this discount offer.

Practice 2

A customer buys a product from you, you take their contacts and within 3-14 days send them letters with useful material about the use of your product. Thereby teaching them and showing that you care about them. Of course, at a convenient moment, you can make an excellent offer.


Practice 1

Sending emails with new arrivals day to day is one of the best email marketing practices. Don’t forget to describe in the email the benefits of the products, why they are exclusive, and that this is a special offer for the customers in your email list.

Practice 2

The client left a request on the website but did not buy it. You take their contact and send them the stories of those companies that work with you. Their success in sales, earnings from sales – all this information will be useful. And periodically add to your email the offer to make a minimum order.

Some tips for email templates

  • Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link in your email – this can be made with the help of marketing tools. The user should always have a choice – to receive or not receive your letters.
  • The template should contain information about your company. It can be a link to the site, contact information, or a small paragraph of text describing the reasons why the user will be interested in you.
  • The template must be responsive.
  • You don’t need to overload your email marketing template with images because many services block them.
  • Also, do not add many links to the template – users will not click on each one.
  • It is not recommended to add large attachments to the letter. In general, it is desirable to abandon any attachments, but if necessary, let it be something small in size.

We hope that you will be able to use the cases from this article in your work, earn money and attract clients. Of course, this post can be developed and expanded for a very long time. Email lists for marketing and email templates are a vast field with many nuances. And they can be successfully used for business development.

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