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How to Win Customers with Email Marketing

Email Marketing | Jul 19, 2022

Eighty percent of an expert in business use email marketing as one of the ways for their marketing strategy. 

Marketing is a process that involves a different strategy for you to be successful. The good thing is it evolves fast as you change your clothes every season.

To sell your product, you need to communicate to people about your product. Thus email is also a form of communication. That way, you would know your client’s problems through their preferences. You will get to learn more about that in email marketing tools.

The marketing process involves identifying your client’s problem and how you can resolve it when they buy your product.

Since the COVID pandemic quaked everyone’s face-to-face marketing strategy, email marketing is the next solution for how you can connect with your clients.

The next question is, how can you invite your clients to give out their emails to you? Simple, by the use of social media. 

If you are new to email marketing, there are thousands of ways to learn more about it. You can access email marketing resources with the use of the internet. Thank you, World Wide Web!

Are you still contemplating why email marketing is your next strategy? Here are the reasons.

Why Use Email Marketing?

1. Used worldwide

Email marketing is still the famous strategy marketers use in their strategy. The process is easy. Small business owners use this strategy to not overwhelm them with how the marketing processes should be.

One more thing, your client doesn’t involve hundreds of people, but you can reach out to millions with the same problems you can solve with your product. Where else will they go if you got the answer to their problems?

2. You can engage with clients more.

Before you can convert a prospect, you need to nurture a relationship between you. The more engaged you are, you will have the higher the conversion rate with your email marketing.

One of the metrics that can measure how your emails work, whether engaging or not, is email marketing analytics to determine if your client engagement works.

Email analytics could help you decide right off the bat whether your emails are engaging or not.

Also, use your email send parameters such as conversion rate, bounce rate, and email deliverability, to mention some.

How to Win Customers With Email Marketing | DMC

3. You can connect with clients personally.

One of the email marketing tips you have to make sure you add to your to-do is sending our emails with a personal touch. 

Let your clients know that you are thinking of them and that you know what they are feeling. Also, you are there and your product to help them make their lives easy and fun.

According to research, more clients respond to emails with a personal touch. It helps them feel good to talk to another human being. It forms a connection between you and your clients. 


Relationships first, then you’ll get a higher conversion rate.

4. Real-time Delivery

Most clients are anxious about whether they have made a good decision when buying online. 

Email marketing tools push this anxiety away because of your real-time delivery of every request or issue your customers bring to your table.

Customers are anxious about spending, so they are initially uneasy about whether you deliver the right tools they need. 

So email marketing tools can help you segment your client requests or questions relating to your product, solving their problem instantly.

Make the best of every tool on hand to bring the bulk of the money to your account.

Now that’s what we call investments.

5. It makes it easy to know what clients need.

As a business owner, you need email marketing tools to help you work efficiently and gain more ROI.

You may use tools to analyze your business through analytics such as

You can do your campaigns and optimize your email sends through behavioral segmentation.

Every person has a different type of behavior that affects their buying decision. So in behavioral segmentation, you group people with the same behavior and then offer the product they prefer. 

Numbers are your best friend, pal. Please make use of it. It can help you make a well-informed decision in a day rather than contemplating your next move.

How to Win Customers with Email Marketing

1. Make sure to get them on board. 

Onboarding is important. 

Here is the process of how to onboard your client through email.

  • Start with a sign-up process. You may only ask for a name and an email. Make your sign-up process short and easy. It would help if you used Google or Slack for ease of use. Then you may ask for more information later or as needed. At this stage, your target is to have your client start using your product.
  • Welcome email: send out your first email with a thank you. It may include the login information and customer support numbers. 
  • You add your website to your email so the first login of your client will be easy for them. Make the process of your onboarding easy and client-centered.
  • Send an email about the product information and a tutorial video for ease of product walkthrough.
  • Don’t forget to send a follow-up email after your client made their first login to your website. Send a follow-up email to ensure that the client feels they are essential and that you are there to give the correct service.

If you think you are lost in the onboarding process, you may want to check out these email marketing resources from Helpscout and HubSpot to get you started.

2. Use the right words to make them feel good.

Using positive and persuasive words that can attract them simultaneously would make them feel good. 

Here are the sample words that you can use:

  • Free: People love free stuff. Example: Avail now of our free newsletters every month to get the first peek of our new products.
  • No obligation: People feel threatened if you ask for commitments. So words such as risk-free or no obligation could make them feel in control. 
  • You: That is right. People wanted to feel special, whether consciously or unconsciously. Use You when you want to catch your client’s attention.
  • Exclusive: This word makes people feel that they belong in a crowd. You can also use the words such as members-only or invitation-only.
  • Easy: People get drawn to easy things. Using this word can help you engage with clients and make them feel good about themself.
  • Limited: Here we go about scarcity behavior. You can’t help but get it before it is gone. So you would feel better that you have what you wanted when you buy that product. The same goes for your clients. They would feel good if they got your product before it is gone.

How to Win Customers With Email Marketing | DMC

3. Educate them

Education is a process, mind you. It is long-term. 

Make sure that your clients know how to use your product. Make them feel your product helps them daily because it solves their problem. Also, people have different levels of understanding. Teach them according to their needs.

Be emphatic to them also. Besides, they are the ones that give you bread and butter. 

Show up as a human who has feelings.

4. Keep them Entertained


One of the email marketing tips that you may always bump on is making sure to entertain your customers.  Entertain them through graphics or videos. Other than that, you could invite them to your product events. 

Make them laugh about your content. 

Life is easy when you put a little laughter into it. You would love to read about emails that can make you feel good.

How to Win Customers With Email Marketing | DMC

5. Give Something Back

Giving something back is one of the rules of attraction.

The more you give, the more you are going to receive.

Here are sample practices that help increase your revenue by giving something back without aching your pocket.

Here are the sample things you may use when giving something back to your clients.

  • Make your client a priority.
  • Call them if you need them and add value to them as you value yourself.
  • Help them understand your product more by giving top-notch customer service.
  • Incentivize: Give incentives through loyalty programs for your clients. Give them freebies or free items when they keep on coming back to your store.
  • Positive Customer experience: You may want more people to visit your store. Some may wait for a positive review coming from your previous client. Make sure you highlight positive customer experiences so people may come back to your store and sort things out if you have a negative experience.

Looking into the positive in every customer experience to grow your business

  • Vary products: Excite your clients with new things. Introduce new products or optimize the products that you offer. 
  • Social Media: Share valuable and helpful insights on your social media channels. You may also show that you are helping other people to succeed. Remember that marketing touches emotions. Reach out to your clients and show them that you care about things close to their hearts. Keep in mind that you only use factual information

6. Simplify a Process

Life is simple. Make your process simple as well. 

Make your client’s experience with you simple and easy. 

Clients’ time is also essential. Respect their time, and they surely will get back to you. 

Include the following clicks, and you are off to go:

  • Make your client onboarding simple by only asking for your client’s email address and name when you start.
  • Offer a simple selection of your product. Make sure to categorize your product for ease of use.
  • Make sure to protect client privacy with
  • Add payment methods such as PayPal or credit card. Giving payment options to your client may help them decide faster.

7. Send them Tutorials or How-tos

Tutorials and How-tos can help your client learn more about your product. 

Your clients will understand that you are solving their problems by learning more about your product.

Your clients don’t know how to use your product to the optimum level, so you better teach them how.

The best client experience is when clients know how to use a product.

Also, your tutorial is helpful while you onboard your client. 

8. Don’t directly ask them to pay for something

Let’s be serious, don’t drop the ball at the beginning of your transaction. Dropping the ball at the early stage of your marketing may not be helpful for you. It is not the same as getting yourself a transparent background with a snap of a finger that solves your image problem and gets the desired result.

Show them the problem, then offer a solution. You could include blogs that help them and show them that your product can solve their problem.

That’s the reason why they are buying your product. Or if they want to make them feel good about using your product.

Dropping the ball in your first engagement with your client may disappoint them or feel somewhat off.

Importantly, you are genuine about what you say. 


Building a business is difficult and it involves tons of failures along the way. So it would help if you had a lot of support as well. 

Fret not because help is on its way. And that email marketing can help you reach your dreams. 

I hope this article can help you win your clients with email marketing. Not only that, you can increase your ROI with every dollar spent on this strategy. Good luck with your next journey in email marketing!

Vivian Ho


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