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A Brand’s Guide to Understanding and Using Image Analysis | Crimson Hexagon

Consumer Behavior

Images are more impactful than text, more memorable, more engaging and more likely to be shared and re-shared. There are well over 3 billion photos shared daily on social media. The fastest growing social media platforms are image-based: Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, even the original social networks like twitter and facebook now focus much more on visual communication. Facebook is now the largest image-sharing site on the web and twitter gives extra space to posts including images.

To know the progression of the image analysis technology, in below is a chart explaining the progression of analysis technology in terms of business value and degree of difficulty.

The Fundamentals of Image Analytics

Practical Business Use Cases for Image Analytics:

  1. Measure ROI with Logo Recognition.
  2. Track Visual Mentions.
  3. Identify Moments of Consumption.

A Brand's Guide to Understanding and Using Image Analysis | Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon

Established in 2007, Crimson Hexagon is the global leader in consumer insights from social media data; powered by patented technology and an in-house data library of more than 1 trillion posts. Crimson Hexagon's platform helps brands and agencies answer critical business questions through the insights derived from social data.The Crimson Hexagon’s AI-Powered Consumer Insights platform helps brands to analyze audiences, track perception, and campaign performance, and detect industry trends.

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