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There are many things about branding that have changed over the last decade, it is obvious for people who work in the marketing business.

Branding your business is not only a matter of implementing creative, clever, and timely ad placements. This “How to build a brand” guide will show you how to create effective, and recognizable brands in the digital age.

What Is a Brand?

Before talking about how to build a brand, we should talk about the inbound marketing age, then branding refers to online branding, note that the internet moves really fast. That means your brand can be built up in an instant and also destroyed just as quickly.

How to Build a Brand Ultimate Guide 2020 | DMC

The internet is the great equalizer, giving small companies the potential to have a big voice.

How to Build a Brand: How to Create A Brand Strategy?

This is an important thing, as a brand strategy is a long-term plan for developing a successful brand presence to achieve certain goals. The biggest misconception about brand strategy is that brands don’t mean products, logos, websites, or even names.

Actually brands are far more encompassing as it defines the frequently and visceral intangible aspects of your company identity. However, you need to bear in mind the following basic elements of brand consistency for all your online content (website, blog, email, social media, or some other platform) so that your target audience can have the same experience no matter what platform they are using.

  • Logo: This is the most memorable piece of a brand’s collateral, even when people can’t recall your name, most likely, they will remember the visual cue linked to your brand.
    For example, when you think about Nike, can you see the swish?

How to Build a Brand Ultimate Guide 2020 | DMC

  • Colors: A good color scheme can be effective, for example, what company comes to mind when you see a Robin’s-egg blue box? Tiffany has even gone so far as to trademark their specific shade of blue.
    How to Build a Brand Ultimate Guide 2020 | DMC
  • Tone and Voice: This is what your brand sounds like whether it is silly, professional, academic, irreverent or even all of the above. For example, emails might be more formal, unlike social media, it can be more casual. 
  • Images: This is an important thing as the images you share no matter what platform should take into consideration the above points. In other words, they should reflect the voice and tone of your brand and follow a color palette, and include your brand’s logo as well.

Check the full “How to build a brand” guide for more tips on how to build a brand perfectly and know more about the importance of a brand identity.

The Table of Content of “How to Build a Brand Guide”:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What is a Brand?
    • What Does a Brand Look Like Online?
  • Chapter 2: Creating your Brand Strategy
    • The Importance of Brand Consistency
    • Components of Great Branding
    • Your Value Proposition
    • Creating Buyer Personas
  • Chapter 3: Putting your Brand into play
    • What To Do With Your Buyer Personas
    • Segmenting and Personalizing a Brand Experience
    • Brand = Content and Content = Brand
    • Social Presence
    • Building a Brand VoiceSite
    • Structure & Appearance
  • Chapter 4: Monitoring your Brand
    • Social Tracking
    • Responding When Things Go Wrong
    • Leveraging the Good
  • Chapter 5: Measuring Your Brand
    • Attribution
    • What to Measure & Analyze
  • Conclusion

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