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How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listing: A Step-By-Step Guide | LandingCube

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Have you ever run an external traffic campaign before?

Do you want to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

LandingCube launched its definitive guide filled with actionable information that you can implement in your Amazon business. The guide focuses mainly on driving traffic from outside of Amazon to your product page. (This is usually called “outside traffic,” or “external traffic”).

The common traffic sources mentioned in this guide are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogs.

Download the guide now, put it into practice and see how it affects your Amazon rank…

Download the LandingCube Guide and learn:

  • How to build a successful sales funnel for your Amazon business using external traffic.
  • Which tools you’ll need to successfully drive traffic to your Amazon listing.
  • How to build a landing page in less than 3 minutes.
  • How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, and which traffic channels are particularly promising.
  • How to set up Facebook Ads for your Amazon business.
  • How to show highly effective Facebook retargeting ads to people that have previously bought from you.
  • How to use Google AdWords & Search Engine Marketing to grow your Amazon sales and Best Sellers Rank.
  • How to boost your reviews, while staying fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.
How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listing: A Step-By-Step Guide | LandingCube 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Amazon Sales Funnel: You want to drive external traffic to a landing page, instead of straight to Amazon.

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The Table of Content of “How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listing” Guide:

  • Chapter 1: An Amazon Sales Funnel That Works
  • Chapter 2: Tools Of The Trade
  • Chapter 3: Creating Your Amazon Landing Page
  • Chapter 4: Driving Traffic To Your Amazon Listing
  • Chapter 5: Advertising Amazon Products on Facebook
  • Chapter 6: Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Products
  • Chapter 7: Google AdWords for Amazon Sellers
  • Chapter 8: Getting Product Reviews
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion

Number of Pages:

  • 67 Pages


  • Free


LandingCube is a company helping Amazon sellers capitalize on external traffic and grow their brand. LandingCube is a landing page builder for Amazon FBA sellers that converts external traffic into email subscribers & Amazon sales. LandingCube believes that creating great products (easy to use, beautiful) and providing the best possible support drives sales and customer happiness. Its fundamental motivation is to make useful things.LandingCube has started working on LandingCube after it got repeated requests by Amazon FBA sellers to build a tool that allows them to capture their customer’s information before they purchase on Amazon. Realizing that there was a gap in the market, it has set out to build LandingCube in mid-2017.Benefits:
  • LandingCube includes everything you need to grow your business using external traffic.
  • Create a defensible brand by capturing emails.
  • Automatically send single-use promo codes and boost your sales.
  • Using LandingCube’s landing pages, you can ask your prospects for their email address in exchange for a single-use promo code.

Services & Features:

  • Capture Emails With Ease.
  • Deliver Single-Use Promo Codes.
  • Facebook Messenger Bots For Amazon Sellers.
  • Integrates With Your Favorite Email Marketing Tool.
  • Sophisticated Conversion Tracking & Retargeting.
  • Protect Your Inventory.
  • Filter & Export Contacts.
  • Amazon USA, Canada, India and Europe.
  • WordPress Plugin.
  • FAQ Section.
  • Video Player.


FBA Beginner: $15/month.Full-time Seller: $30/month.Large Business: $60/month.Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link of pricing.


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