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Launching a YouTube channel alongside your brand or even as its own brand to make money is a powerful path in 2021. Because making videos is now easier than ever, it takes a strategy to learn how to make your videos in a certain way that drives views and attracts the audience you want to attract. 

And just like how there are strategies to create content on YouTube, there are also strategies for how to best advertise them on the platform.

Let’s go through this guide to know how to make money on YouTube.

Getting Paid on YouTube

Besides having a channel and creating good content, there are some basic steps to take to start profiting off of YouTube:

  1. Registering in one of the Ads’ profit programs (ex: Google AdSense, AdMaven, etc.), which entails being able to link your channel to those Ads’ profit programs as they distribute more ads on YouTubechannels.
  2. Being over 18 years old; YouTube imposes a condition that goes against underage exploitation, so the channel owner cannot be a minor.

When making videos to make money on YouTube, there’s also a couple of things you need to watch out for. YouTube needs you to have a minimum of 4,000 view hours over the last 12 months as well as at least 1,000 subscribers to start making a profit on their platform.

Optimizing Your Content for YouTube

Based on the “How to Make Money on YouTube” guide, you can make a video, but it’s a different thing to make a video specifically for YouTube. Just like how you configure every video for whichever platform you want it to end up on, YouTube has its own algorithm that requires certain things out of your content for it to drive views.

Those include:

  1. Creating custom thumbnails
  2. Using attractive and clickable titles
  3. Writing a solid, searchable description
  4. Using cards in the last two-thirds of the video, and end screens (which are actually very underutilized)
  5. Writing relevant tags for your video – but don’t over-tag!
  6. Using closed captions and subtitles
  7. Using default profiles with TubeBuddy, which helps you optimize your channel

How to Make Money on YouTube Ultimate Guide 2021 | DMC

How to Best Advertise Your Content

Nothing beats organic reach, but it’s also important to be able to attract prospective viewers that aren’t aware of your brand. 

YouTube ads are the most common method to monetize your videos, and operating a series of YouTube ads could result in a big success when it comes to attracting more of your target audience. 

But for an effective advertising strategy, you need to understand how YouTube ads work. YouTube has a lot of ad types that fall under 3 general categories, each depending on what you want to portray. 

You should also be analyzing your ad results, and you do that using objectives and metrics that are applied by YouTube. 

Combining great content with advertising that content on YouTube opens a lot of doors for how you can further advertise your business on YouTube and make a profit off of it.

The Table of Contents of “How to Make Money on YouTube: The Definitive Guide”

  • Chapter 1: What Is Required to Make Profits from YouTube?
      • What is YouTube?
      • First Basic Steps to Get Paid on YouTube
      • Conditions Required to Make Profits from YouTube
      • The Frequently Asked Questions
      • How to Create a YouTube Channel?
      • Equipment for YouTube Channel
      • How to Improve Your Videos?
  • Chapter 2: How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Attract More Views?
      • Rules for Young YouTubers to Win More Views
      • Mistakes That Young YouTubers Must Avoid
  • Chapter 3: Best Strategies to Advertise on YouTube
    • Types of Ads on YouTube
    • How to Analyze Your Ads Results?
    • How to Advertise Your Business on YouTube?

Number of Pages: 

  • 48 pages


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