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Digital Marketing Action Guide for an A+ Back to School Season | Wpromote

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It’s the dog days of summer and that means parents are starting their annual back-to-school shopping ritual, armed with their checklists from teachers and schools. They go to online stores & in-stores to find supplies and apparel their children needs for the upcoming school year.

To better reshape your digital strategies for making the most out of this critical season & your marketing dollars check the below tips:

  • “The early bird catches the worm”. So, start your paid search campaigns early and use ad-scheduling to target peak shopping times.
  • Make sure your potential customers are searching for your targeting keywords & that your product pages are properly optimized for search.
  • Create a variety of content and focus on the different phases of the purchasing journey. Content may include comparison charts, product demos, reviews and more.
  • Develop a back-to-school blog post or informative and eye-catching infographics that can be distributed through social channels.
  • Make sure that your website and campaigns must consider the mobile user and all your social media platforms are optimized for mobile.
  • Make sure also to have an enticing offer pinned to the top of your pages.
  • Don’t forget to target students too! While the parents may be holding the purse strings, teens and college students have quite a bit of influence on back-to-school buying decisions.
  • Re-engage users who have visited your site and/or who have abandoned their shopping cart.
Parents use social media channels to view promotions & coupons 2017 / Wpromote

Graph Shows the Parents Use of Social Media for viewing promotions & Coupons


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