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The Complete Guide to Account Engagement for ABM | Terminus


How can you target the right accounts using engagement data? How can you personalize and prioritize your outreach to speed up your sales process? How can you measure the success of your marketing programs? All these questions and more have been answered in this guide which sheds light on the use of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with a focus on engagement.

A Snapshot of the TEAM Framework for ABM:

The TEAM framework is a simple, execution-focused method for aligning marketing and sales to efficiently boost revenue.

  • Target: Combining all data in one place to easily create and manage target account lists.
  • Engage: Engaging the right people at the right time using multichannel campaigns to get earlier, deeper penetration into target buying centers.
  • Activate: Giving sales real-time prompts to reach out when accounts are most engaged.
  • Measure: Using account-centric metrics and reporting to give you insight into how your programs are impacting conversion rates, pipeline, and revenue.
The TEAM Framework for ABM - Terminus

The TEAM Framework for ABM – Terminus

Content of “The Account Engagement for ABM” Guide:

  • The Role of Engagement in Account-Based Marketing
  • Use Engagement Data to Target the Right Accounts
  • Engage Accounts and Activate Sales Outreach
  • Measure and Report on Account Engagement
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages:

  • 24 Pages


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