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The Ultimate Holiday Email Marketing & Landing Page Guide | Campaign Monitor & Unbounce

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During the holiday season, marketers honed their online purchasing skills to boost sales and gain the most of their marketing efforts. Email marketing should be one of marketers’ go-to tactics and plan optimized email campaigns. It’s important to note that email marketing is up to par with landing pages. Marketers’ emails need to lead somewhere. They need to turn a click into a commitment. And that’s where landing pages come in.

This guide focuses on some tips for creating holiday emails that customers and customers-to-be will love and engage with. Besides convincing the visitor to convert while removing anything that could distract from that goal.

A Quick Glance: 5 Principles of High-Converting Landing Pages

  1. Headline: The first way you need to steal the attention and keep it during the frenetic holiday rush. But how?
  2. Hero Shot: There’s no better way to capture your visitor’s interest than some great photography.
  3. Benefits: The second step after capturing attention is to answer the visitor’s question: “What will this do for me?”.
  4. Social Proof: Positive reviews are critical here as nearly 70% of online consumers look to product reviews before purchasing a product.
  5. Call to Action: It’s essentially what you want your visitor to click in order to complete the conversion goal.
Using Great Images Can Raise Conversion Rate

Example for Principle 2 for Raising Conversion Rate: Using Hero Shots

Call to Action Example for Email Marketing

Example for Principle 5 for Raising Conversion Rate: Call-To-Action

Content of “The Holiday Email Marketing & Landing Page” Guide:

  • Introduction.
  • Deliver like Santa with optimized email campaigns.
  • Clicks to conversions: the magic of landing pages.
  • 5 principles of high-converting landing pages.
  • Creating an irresistibly clickable call to action.
  • Making it work on mobile.
  • Email & landing pages, like two turtle doves.

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  • 27 Pages.


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