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Digital marketing is just all the things we do to grow a business through different internet channels, the future of marketing is in digital marketing, and companies are quickly moving towards it because consumers are spending increasing amounts of time online.

Getting More Leads Methodology:

  • Create some great new content and give it away, in exchange for an email address.
  • Set up a sales funnel that asks users to enter their phone number to receive a free quote.
  • Launch an Adwords campaign with the goal of getting prospects to schedule a call.

Getting More Website visitors Methodology:

  • Increase your rankings on search engines and drive more organic traffic.
  • Post great content on social media and get more people visiting your site.
  • Send more emails to your existing users and get them visiting you more often.

Getting More Sales Methodology:

  • Create a page that ranks on Google for “<competitor name> alternative”.
  • Set up a remarketing campaign for users that visited your site but didn’t purchase.
  • Create an abandoned-cart email that reminds users to complete their purchase.

Being one of the Top Email Marketers in the World Methodology:

  • Use your data to send users extremely specific, relevant messages.
  • Find the right moment to send each message.
  • Build systems to segment users, track their actions, and automatically send messages.

Three Main Components for Being Successful at Social Media Marketing:

  • Monitoring social channels (even when you’re not actively participating).
  • Creating and distributing world-class social media content.
  • Converting social media audiences into leads and customers.
The Conversion Funnel Click Minded-Guide

A Figure Shows The Conversion Funnel process.

The Contents of “The Ultimate Tutorial on How to Massively Increase Traffic & Sales to Any Website With Digital Marketing” Guide:

  • The Digital Marketing Strategy Guide.
  • The Sales Funnels Strategy Guide.
  • The Content Marketing Strategy Guide.
  • The SEO Strategy Guide.
  • The Email Marketing Strategy Guide.
  • The Digital Advertising Strategy Guide.
  • The Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide.
  • The Web Analytics Strategy Guide.

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