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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the technology that enables companies to automate, streamline, and measure marketing efforts and workflows to enhance operational efficiency and grow revenue.

Being a marketer, you face exhausting expectations and goals. You are most probably expected to generate rewarding outcomes in tight schedules, and in a digital age where everything can be measured, you probably feel a lot of pressure to present the impact you are driving.

Yet if the right tools and processes are missing, achieving your goals and demonstrating the results is difficult, time-consuming, and stressful!

Marketing automation technology can assist you with scaling your programs and deliver personalized and targeted communications, align with sales, and measure effectiveness. 

Download this ebook to explore 10 reasons you may want to consider marketing automation to support you through the sales cycle, from attracting and engaging leads, to closing the deal.

Marketing automation is the technology that helps companies measure marketing workflows to enhance operational efficiency and grow revenue.

The Contents of “10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation” Guide:

  • The Top Issues Marketers Face Today
  • What Is Marketing Automation?
  • Why Buy Marketing Automation Now?
  • End-to-End Marketing Campaigns
  • 10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation:
    1. Increase inbound traffic to your site
    2. Personalize the experience for known and anonymous visitors
    3. Improve social reach and influence
    4. Easily test and decide which emails work best for engagement
    5. Replicate success in minutes
    6. Trigger workflows based on behavior
    7. Send relevant information in real-time based on visitors’ activities
    8. Provide flexible scoring models so you can define success
    9. Prioritize leads for sales
    10. Know which programs are effective throughout your sales funnel

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Marketo provides a complete marketing automation software solution that is powerful and easy to use for fast-growing small companies and global enterprises alike.Built for marketers, by marketers, Marketo is designed to allow companies to launch their first campaign in days and scale to meet the needs of the most complex global enterprise.The solution delivers everything a marketer needs to deliver more sales leads with less work, including inbound marketing, lead management, social marketing, event management, instant CRM integration, sales dashboards, and marketing ROI reporting and analytics.

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