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Advertisers Expect These New Technologies Will Capture More of Their Audiences’ Personal & Professional Hours, 2019

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The landscape of online advertising is rapidly changing, new technologies have emerged that are not only disrupting traditional online advertising but changing the way in which consumers engage with advertising content. CTV is any television that connects to the internet including Smart TVs and gaming consoles. with the ad-skipping technology improving every year, business is getting less bang for their madness on TV ads, but CTV, which is rapidly encroaching on the traditional TV market as it is, it also provides a happy solution for advertisers.

Take a glance at the new advertising technologies adopted by advertisers, 2019:

  • Smart TVs is ranked as the most used new advertising technology adopted by surveyed advertisers with a rate of 44%.
  • Voice-activated digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence is ranked as the second used new advertising technology used by advertisers with a rate of 39%.
  • Wearable devices come at next as used as an adopted new advertising technology with a rate of 36%.
  • Augmented/virtual reality also listed a new advertising technology adopted by advertisers with a rate of 32%.
New Advertising Technology Adoption 2019

A Graph Shows The New Technology of Advertising Adoption, 2019.


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