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Top Expected Benefits That Artificial Intelligence Will Deliver to Marketing and Sales, 2019

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It’s not that difficult to argue that marketing in the future will make increasing use of artificial intelligence. Even today, the components of an AI-based approach are largely in place. Contemporary marketing is increasingly quantitative, targeted, and tied to business outcomes. Ads and promotions are increasingly customized to individual consumers in real time. Companies employ multiple channels to get to customers, but all of them increasingly employ digital content. Company marketers still work with agencies, many of which have developed analytical capabilities of their own. Artificial intelligence can also help to deliver value across omnichannel customer relationships and to ensure effective communications at all customer touchpoints. Finally, AI can help companies make decisions with similar criteria across the digital and analog marketing worlds.

Take a glance at the most expected benefits that artificial intelligence would deliver to marketing & sales, in 2019:

  • High-quality leads and opportunities are ranked as the top expected artificial intelligence benefit to be delivered for marketing and sales with a rate of 67%.
  • Better engagement with prospects and customers are ranked as the second most expected benefit of implementing artificial intelligence for marketing and sales with a rate of 56%.
  • A better understanding of buyer intent comes next as an expected benefit to be delivered to marketing and sales by implementing artificial intelligence with a rate of 52%.
  • Higher conversion rates also listed as a benefit that artificial intelligence would deliver to marketing and sales with a rate of 50%.
Expected benefits of implementing artificial intelligence for marketing sales 2019

A Graph Shows The Expected Benefits Delivered To Marketing & Sales Due to Implementing Artificial Intelligence, 2019.

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