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Catching Up With Family / Friends is The Main Reason for Australian Internet Users For Using Social Media Networks With a Rate of 85%, 2018 | YellowPages

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Social media comprises communication websites that facilitate relationship forming between users from diverse backgrounds, resulting in a rich social structure. User-generated content encourages inquiry and decision-making. Nearly all Australian internet users are using social media at least once per day. Social media is an important part of people’s everyday lives, and people regularly access a variety of social media channels from mediums such as a mobile app or computer web browser.

Take a glance at the Australian internet user’s reasons for using social media platforms:

  • Catching up with family/friends is ranked as the main reason for Australian internet users to use social media platforms with a rate of 85%.
  • Sharing of photographs or videos is ranked as the second reason for using social media with 46%.
  • News & current events come at next as a reason for the surveyed internet user to use social media platforms at a rate of 36%.
The Top Reasons For Using Social Media Networks by Australian Internet Users, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Top Reasons For Using Social Media Networks by Australian Internet Users, 2018.

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