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Online Shoppers Main Motivations For Promoting Brands Online, 2019

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Marketers are turning to brands’ ambassadors, influencers, and just simply motivated customers to help them meet their marketing goals like building brand awareness, acquiring new customers and keeping those retention numbers at a healthy level.
Building brand advocacy requires a fine balance of incentive and engagement, even happy customers don’t always share their opinions unless they’re invited to but, at the same time, no reward will motivate customers to recommend a brand they don’t like and trust themselves. It’s important to make advocates want to root for your brand by making them an active part of it.

Take a glance at the main motivation factors for online shoppers to promote a brand online:

  • High-quality products are ranked as the main motivation factor for brand advocacy with a rate of 48%.
  • Rewards are ranked as the second main motivation factor for brand advocacy with a rate of 41%.
  • The love for the brand and receiving a great customer service comes at next as brand advocacy motivation factors with a rate of 32%.
  • Recommending something that relevant to customers’ own interests also listed as a brand advocacy motivation factor with a rate of 31%.
  • The feeling of being involved is ranked also as a brand advocacy motivation factor by surveyed customers with a rate of 20%.
Motivation factors of promoting brands online, 2019

A Figure Shows The Motivation Factors For Online Shoppers to Promote Brands Online, 2019.


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