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Sites That Offer Free Shipping is The Main Online Shopping Motivation Factor for Canadian Internet Users With a Rate of 94%, 2018 | Ayima Insights

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Online shopping motivations can be categorized as hedonic and utilitarian motivations, shopping motivation factors are important to understand consumer behavior which plays a huge role in making purchasing decisions. Electronic commerce growth is increasing at a rapid rate and is replacing traditional commerce. The benefits of shopping online cannot be underestimated. The e-commerce offers internet users a wider range of benefits, such as finding the products which cannot be available locally and reducing internet users’ time for searching for the related products.

Take a glance at the Canadian online shopping motivating factors:

  • Sites that offer free shipping is the main online shopping driver with a rate of 94%.
  • Lower prices for items compared with the stores & trustworthy company is ranked as the second online shopping motivation factor with a rate of 92%.
  •  Offering a site for Canadians comes at next as an online shopping driver with a rate of 91%.
The Motivation Factors of Online Shopping in Canada, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Canadian Digital Buyers Online Shopping Motivation Factors, 2018.


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