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Indian Digital Marketers Content Marketing Usage Benefits, 2019

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Creating a useful content that provides value for the targeted audience, can work to engage these leads and help build awareness for brands. Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of content marketing.  Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows marketers to connect with and educate their leads and customers. Not only are working to build up trust and relationships but also encourage conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

Take a glance at the benefits of using content marketing by Indian digital marketers:

  • 79% of surveyed B2B digital marketers reported that content marketing helped them to engage with newer audiences, compared to 75% of surveyed B2C marketers who agreed.
  • 75% of surveyed B2B & B2C marketers indicated that content marketing is increasing their brand awareness.
  • 65% of surveyed B2B marketers said that content marketing supported them in the innovation through thought leadership, compared to 50% of surveyed B2C marketers.
What Content Marketing Marketing Supported Indian Marketers

A Graph Shows The Benefits of Using Content Marketing by Indian Marketers, 2019


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