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22% of US Internet Users Think It’s Unsuitable to Advertise Next to COVID-19 Ads | IAS

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As the COVID-19 continuing to spread fast in the majority of the countries and keeping most people worldwide at their houses, the media consumption has increased. However, with the economic slowdown impacting supply chains and markets obstructed by the virus, many advertisers are delaying or pulling spend- meaning increases in media engagement are not translating into increased ad revenues.

Let’s get into more details about the current situation of digital advertising amid the COVID-19.

US Internet Users’ Attitudes Towards Coronavirus Ads Adjacency:

A Research in March 2020 from Integral Ad Science was conducted to understand the US internet users’ attitudes toward brands\products with digital ads adjacent to Coronavirus content.

The results show that:

  • Only 16% of US internet users, who were surveyed, mentioned that they would have a less favorable opinion of a brand whose ad was near to COVID-19 related content.
  • 8 in 10 people who were surveyed mentioned that such placement would not change their point of view about a brand.
  • However, the respondents were insignificantly more likely to say that they thought it was “unsuitable” for a brand to advertise next to this content, at 22%.

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  • On the other hand, around one-third of the respondents said it would depend on the brand.
  • Additionally, about half of the respondents mentioned that they wanted to see pharma and health-related brands advertising near COVID-19 content.

Attitudes Towards Coronavirus Ads Adjacency in the US

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