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Crisis communication tends to be a big problem for all brands. Regardless of the crisis itself, the way brands respond to impossible situations has always been a struggle, with no clear recipe for success.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an impact on all industries, some business struggle, unlike other businesses that are flourishing!

However, the things that matter the most when dealing with a crisis is to be quick but factual, it is important to have a crisis management plan before a crisis happens, select a spokesperson to represent the organization through the crisis, and to assign a designated back-up spokesperson to step in if the primary spokesperson is unavailable.

There are over 958,829 posts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing to describe how brands interact during this crisis time. Socialinsider analyzed them to understand how brands communicate during this crisis.

Let’s take a quick glance at the top-line findings…

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Evolution in Time of Posts About COVID-19 

let’s talk about the evolution in time of posts as reported by Socialinsider:

  • On January 11th, the first case outside China was announced, while on the same day the first death was reported.
  • January 13th is when brands started to be active and post about the COVID-19 outbreak on all social media platforms.
  • January 13th is also the time when brands started to post about COVID-19 specifically on all with a huge spike in numbers at the beginning of March when the crisis increased.
  • Most brands were fast to acknowledge the issue and address it. therefore, this tactic opens communication between brands and their target audience and that helps to avoid unnecessary panic. Communication is always the key especially, during crisis times.

Time of Posts About COVID-19

COVID-19 Posts on Instagram 

  • According to Socialinsider App, there are hashtags about social distancing on Instagram. There are 29.4% posts about COVID-19 on Instagram.
  • #stayathome is the hashtag with the most engagement out of all the other hashtags used next to #covid. And that proves that social distancing in the main concern on Instagram.
  • Hashtags are important because most brands use them to share messages about the COVID-19 outbreak, health, desired habits through specific hashtags and social distancing.

Posts About COVID-19 on Instagram, facebook, and Twitter

Most Common Hashtags on Social Media About COVID-19

  • There is a tight relation between #covid and #stayathome because they are often used together.
  • The top hashtags used with #covid are #covid19, #corona, #quarantine, and #coronavirus.
  • The previous hashtags are a sign of dissociation between the coronavirus and social repercussions.
  • The engagement shows where the true interest of the audience lies.

How Should Brands Deal With COVID-19 Crisis?

  1. For the time being, brands should be transparent to their target audience; to talk with them without making them panic.
  2. Secondly, it would not be good to talk about coronavirus because it became a trend and the most popular thing to talk about, on the contrary, you need to use your resources to help, share knowledge, or support governmental messages such as social distancing.
  3. There are varieties of social media platforms to use to serve your messages and deliver them correctly to your target audience.
  4. As for social distancing use Instagram, on Twitter, Create separate messages about COVID-19 and staying at home, however, if you want to talk mainly about the COVID-19 outbreak use Facebook.
  5. Make sure your messages are accurate and from trusted sources such as the World Health Organization.

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The Table of Content of “The COVID-19 Crisis Management“ Report:

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Acknowledge the issue: brands talk about COVID-19 on social
  • media
  • Timeline: brands start to convey messages related to the crisis
  • Most brands center communication around social distancing
  • Brands use Twitter the most when talking about the coronavirus
  • crisis
  • Most common hashtags in social media crisis communication
  • Methodology

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By using the Socialinsider app, the Socialinsider database, Socialinsider hashtag analytics they outlined a total of 958,829 related to the COVID-19 crisis to explore the crisis communication of brands and to uncover information about engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as follows:

  • Facebook 177,036
  • Instagram 344,535
  • Twitter 432,786
Posts About COVID-19 on Social Media During Oct. 2019—March 2020

A Pie Chart Shows the Total Posts About COVID-19 on Social Media During Oct. 2019—March 2020

And here are the analyzed Coronavirus keywords and hashtags:

  • Coronavirus
  • Covid-19
  • Pandemic
  • Quarantine
  • Corona medicine
  • Wuhan coronavirus


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