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75% of Americans Are Using Their Smartphones to Check Their Personal Emails, 2018 | Fluent

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Smartphones and tablets can no longer be ignored by email marketers. They represent a massive part of all email interactions and revenue. The pervasive use of smartphones empowers marketers to reach individuals anytime and anywhere.

75% of Surveyed Americans indicated that they are using their smartphones mostly to check their personal emails, while 29% mentioned that they are using their laptop/desktop computers. Then comes at next only 21% who reported that they are using their tablets to check their personal emails.

It cannot be overstated how critical it is to get mobile optimization right, especially for marketers trying to reach the coveted millennial/gen z demographic. Younger consumers (18-34) mostly check their emails on the go.

The Most Used Devices In Checking Personal E-mails

A Graph Shows The Most Used Devices For Checking Personal emails.

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