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Entertainment & Travel-Related Services Are the Most Purchased Online in KSA, 2017 | CTIC

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58% of shoppers in KSA have shopped online at least once in the past. 87% of them have done so during the past 12 months previous the survey. Shoppers in KSA are generally using a combination of offline and online channels for their purchases. But in terms of purchasing online, entertainment-related and travel- related services were the most purchased online in 2017 with a rate of 31% for both of them.

When it comes to products, games, consoles & subscriptions topped all purchased categories that made online at a rate of 20%. For apparel and clothing, nearly half of those surveyed (47%) use both online and offline channels, and for luxury goods & personal care products, 42% have bought them online and offline.

What Do Online Shoppers in KSA Purchase More Online Vs. Offline?

Graph Shows Both Products and Services Purchased Online versus Offline in KSA in 2017


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