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The Most Important Questions For An Effective Dashboard Design, 2019

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Asking and answering important questions during the dashboard design process will result in optimal effectiveness. Dashboards have become a standard business tool over the last decade. Dashboards allow even the least tech-savvy users to make better business decisions. But when creating a dashboard, it’s simply not enough to list all the relevant data. After building a solid foundation for what metrics the user must track, you then have to determine the most effective visualizations. The perfect dashboard requires a balance between psychology and best practices. Dozens of dashboard-building solutions have sprung up to meet the demand. Yet in the flurry of technology and enthusiasm, little attention has been paid to how to design focused, thoughtful, and user-friendly dashboards.

Take a glance at the most important questions for dashboard design effectiveness, 2019:

  • What are the right metrics? Is ranked as the most important question to ask for dashboard design effectiveness by surveyed marketing influencers with a rate of 54%.
  • How will the data be used? Is ranked as the second most important question to make a dashboard design effective with a rate of 51%.
  • What data is being visualized? Also listed as an important question for a dashboard design effectiveness by surveyed marketing influencers with a rate of 45%.
  • How data is prioritized? Come at next as an important dashboard design effectiveness question by surveyed marketing influencers with a rate of 44%.
The Most Important questions for a dashboard design effectiveness, 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Important Questions to Ask for Dashboard Design Effectiveness, 2019.


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