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The Most Effective Marketing Purposes E-Mail Types, 2019

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Email marketing helps businesses to see instant sales from existing customers, but more importantly, it maintains and builds long-lasting relationships with loyal customers, which are the core of most successful businesses. Despite the business benefits of email marketing, many businesses are either still not using it or they are under-utilizing its power. E-mailing is frequently used as a substitute for other kinds of communication in today’s working environment, due in particular, to the fact that messages are transmitted instantly, irrespective of the distance of the recipient.

Take a glance at the most effective types of marketing purposes emails in 2019:

  • Personalized messaging is ranked as the most effective type of marketing purposes emails by surveyed marketers with a rate of 62%.
  • Single topic or dedicated emails are ranked as the second effective type of marketing purposes mails with a rate of 57%.
  • Multiple-topic/e-newsletters come at next an effective type of marketing purposes mails with a rate of 35%.
  • Milestones or birthday emails are also listed as an effective email marketing purposes with a rate of 29%.
Effective types of emails used for marketing purposes 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Effective Types of Marketing Purposes Emails, 2019.


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